Fading Pixlverse: Smart or Stupid?


It all started out when I first bought a Sappy Seal. After seeing a few Twitter posts about seals, I just figured that “y’know… even if the project rugs and devs are dead, I’ll still have a cute picture”.

After making my huge purchase, I then realized that I could stake my seals for something called ‘$PIXL’. Of course, that was when I found out about the Pixlverse alongside the cute Pixl Pets.

$PIXL? Pixlverse? Pixl Pets? What are those?

Now don’t get too ahead of yourself because that is exactly what we will be covering today in addition to my thoughts on the Pixlverse.

Disclosure: I am invested in Sappy Seals, $PIXL, and the Pixlverse NFTs. My entire financial future is in the hands of the devs, and this statement is to disclose any conflict of interest and is not a recommendation to purchase any tokens/NFTs. This content is for informational purposes and should not be treated as investment advice.

The Pixlverse

If you’re wondering what the Pixlverse is, it basically is Metaverse that was started by Sappy Seals and is currently being developed by a partnership of NFT communities such as 24px, Nifty League, Winter Bears, and much more.

One of the core focus of the Pixlverse is in building communities and this is why they are partnering with other NFT communities who have a desire to develop the future of Web 3.0 by integrating them into the Pixlverse.

Today, we’ll be covering:

  1. What $PIXL is and how it’s used in the Pixlverse
  2. What Pixl Pets are, and the various elements
  3. My thoughts on the Pixlverse

How $PIXL integrates with the Pixlverse

$PIXL is the in-game utility token for the Pixlverse, and it looks like the picture below. As of writing (15th Feb), the only thing you can do with $PIXL is to buy exclusive Pixlverse items from the $PIXL marketplace and/or trade them on a DEX (chart). If you have a Sappy Seal, you can stake your seals to earn $PIXL as well, thus giving you more $PIXLs to do more things.

$PIXLs! Looks cute.

In future development synchronous with Pixlverse, you will be using $PIXL for things like Pixl Pet breeding, playing arcade games, betting in the casinos, and much more.

This is completely separate from the DAO token that is being built for the Pixlverse. The name for the token is unknown currently, but rumor has it that the DAO token will be called, “$BLUBR” or “$ARF”.


All about Pixl Pets

Next up, Pixl Pets. These Pixl Pets will be your companions while doing PvE dungeons & you will breed, battle and bond with them with the ultimate goal of fighting it out in a 4v4 competitive PvP Arena.

In the process of strengthening and bonding with your pets, you will also be earning rewards in the form of loot, $PIXLs, and exclusive NFTs.

There are four elements currently: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. However, after the introduction of breeding and the reveal of Genesis Pixl Pet eggs, there might be more elements.

How sure of that am I? Not very.

Genesis Pixl Pets

As of now, the Genesis Pixl Pets are all sold out, and currently trading on the secondary markets (Opensea or Looksrare).

There is one deity for every element for Genesis Pixl Pets.

Think of Pokemon, but a rare shiny Pokemon (however, not all of them are revealed yet as of writing).


Genesis Pets have advantages when compared to non-genesis pets, such as but not limited to, not having finite breeding limits, having a pure genetic profile thus allowing for more optimized breeding strategies, and making up only a tiny portion of the total pool of Pixl Pets in the future.

Leasing & Sponsorships

To make Pixl Pets more accessible to the wider audience, there will be options for people who can’t afford to buy a Pixl Pet — be it a Genesis or otherwise on secondary — so that they can also participate, access the Pixl Pet Arena (4v4 PvP Arena) and most importantly, have fun.

1. Pixl Pet Leasing

Leasing allows the owner and the lessee to enter a $PIXL revenue share agreement for a Pixl Pet, and splits all the $PIXL reward generated by the pet over the course of the lease between the owner and lessee.

2. Pixl Pet Sponsorships

With sponsorship deals, competitive players can get sponsored by breeders and collectors for either a highly sought-after pet and/or funding for entry into tournaments, in exchange for a share of the spoils from tournament pools.

3. Pixl Pet Adoption

Players with large pet collections can opt to put their pets up for adoption, thus allowing new players to adopt a pet through an algorithmic system with no cost at all. Rumors have it that players who engage with the philanthropy mechanisms across the Pixlverse might find themselves with huge in-game rewards.

So, fade the Pixlverse?

After interacting with everyone on Discord, and hanging out for a bit, I realized that the devs are actually doing something.

Personally, I’d say that this is one of the projects that I am really excited about, not only because of the cute pixelated stuff but also because the Pixlverse brings in other NFT projects to collaborate with and I think that this whole notion of collaboration is important for the NFT space to grow.

There are also 1001 ways that you can earn $PIXL and other in-game items (which are not stated yet) in the Pixlverse while having fun, and I am definitely putting some of my pets for adoption in the future so newer players will have a chance to enjoy the hard work of the devs.

Pixlverse Discord: https://discord.gg/WJWEnc5s
Pixlverse Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThePixlverse



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